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Short-Haired brown dog standing in grass

Brinley's Story

Our Rescue experience and what inspired us to help give back to the wonderful organizations that are doing amazing work!

In January 2022, our family welcomed a new puppy, Brinley, into our lives. She was playful, cuddly, and she loved to chase the cat… typical puppy stuff. However, nobody knew at the time that she had several health issues. Over the first few weeks and months, she began leaking urine heavily, had several UTIs that medicine wasn’t curing, and ended up with stomach issues as well.

After many visits to our family vet and a few specialists, it was believed that Brinley had ectopic ureters - essentially urine was bypassing her bladder and leaking out. Surgery was scheduled and started… but no ectopic ureters were found. She instead had severe infections and would need surgery/injections every few years to (hopefully) stop her leaking and therefore reduce the amount of infections. In the midst of all this, she had gone into heat and spaying wasn’t recommended until her other issues were resolved. We could see that Brinley was uncomfortable and struggling. Medicine wasn’t working and only upset her stomach, making her unable to eat without vomiting. We made the heartbreaking decision to end her suffering when she was just 6 months old.

The rescue we adopted Brinley from, Renee’s Rescues, Inc, did everything that they could financially to cover appointments and the initial surgery, which was a huge blessing for our family. We know that there are many other organizations out there, just like them, that are working hard every day to save the lives of so many animals! We would love nothing more than to pay it forward to all organziations that take part in this work.

If you are looking to support one of these amazing rescues, check out our List of available organizations.

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